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About Us

Rain Audio represent several well-known brands in different areas around the globes.
Among our brands are Rode Microphones, Boya Microphones, Dynaudio Professional, Tannoy, TC Electronic, TC Helicon and SevenOak.
Rain Audio works in emerging markets to provide our brand clients with a single, proven, variable cost distribution solution for the developing world and in Europe, while providing local dealers, distributors and customers with world-class music and pro audio technology.
Rain Audio establish and manage effective distribution channels, using our unrivalled experience in the individual regulations, import documentation and financial transacting requirements of even the smallest territory, to deliver significant combined revenues in markets that brand owners might otherwise find difficult to exploit.

  • Music as a passion

    We at Rain Audio consider music to be part of our world’s wonders. This is why our brands include top-of-the-art companies who’s passion for music has made them great.

  • Client in the center

    We hold our clients in very high esteem. People who have devoted their life to the delicate arts of audio. This is why we will always do our best to exceed their expectations.

  • Environment

    Our planet’s environment plays a crucial part in our lifes. Rain Audio has chosen to work with transporters who minimize the damage to our natural resources. We recommend all our clients to do the same.